Social Services logs and tasks
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Social Services Logs

The Decentralized Climate Foundation Social Services logs and tasks.


Date Hours Project Task Work Proofs


  1. The student MUST fork the following project.

  2. The student MUST create a develop branch or use git flow

  3. The student MUST create a file named after his/her name and include .md extension, for example:

  4. The student MUST copy the Template from this and fill everyday the file secctions and do a commit to their local repository. where the description is the following:

    • Date: Date in format YYYY-MM-DD.
    • Hours: Number of hours dedicated on that date in two digits, for example: 04.
    • Project: Name of the assigned Project. If you do not know ask the project owner.
    • Task: Name of the assigned Task. If you do not know ask the project owner.
    • Work Proof: commit(s), pull request or link report.
  5. The student MUST submit a Pull Request by the end of the sprint (week) to the main repository.